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Liza Factory

for Mattresses & Beddings

Liza provides high-quality relief that lasts for years


Liza for Mattresses & Beddings

Liza is a new star that shone in the sky of Egyptian industries, due to its high-quality mattresses and pillows designed with advanced technology to achieve maximum comfort and luxury for the user.

Liza are 100% Egyptian products, manufactured by Egyptian hands according to the international specifications in a large factory that includes the latest machines and the best materials to produce high quality spring foam mattresses, pillows and fiber quilt.

In our production, we rely on the finest raw materials and advanced American industrial technology to ensure the quality of production to compete with domestic and imported production.

We also rely on a team of engineers, technicians and workers trained at the highest level in the use and apply of modern technology to produce the best mattresses and pillows in the Middle East.

Recent research indicates that a person spends about 30% of his day sleeping, given that most of the problems of the locomotor system, spine, neck and bones that the individual suffers from are due to wrong positions and uncomfortable sleep on mattresses and pillows that do not conform to proper health specifications.

Therefore, choosing the appropriate mattresses and means is their decision to get a good and comfortable sleep in order to achieve relaxation at night and vitality during the day.

Our products

Liza for mattresses & beddings

  • Various mattresses and pillows of different sizes and heights.

  • The highest quality standards, sound health specifications, and good raw materials are used that suit customers, and the temperatures in summer and winter.

  • Variety of prices while maintaining quality to suit all customers and capabilities.

  • The company deservedly won the trust and respect of its customers in Egypt and the Arab world.

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Our customers

Liza for mattresses & beddings

  • We target a large segment of the audience, both locally and globally.

  • We have the ability to meet the market needs in an appropriate and healthy manner, in accordance with international health standards.

  • We target all people.

  • Mattresses and beddings dealers and distributors.

  • Malls and shops.

  • Hotels and tourist villages.

  • We strive to fulfill our customers’ needs

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Address : Sentris Road, El Bagour, in front of Lotus Village, Ashmoun, Menoufia





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